Pipe Support is a high-strength, corrosion-resistant fiberglass composite sleeve used at any location with metal-to-metal contact or where atmospheric corrosion may occur.

Designed as a preventative measure, Clock Spring Pipe Support reduces future maintenance expenses by:

  • Protecting coating from abrasion

  • Ensuring no water collecting at contact points

  • Minimizing or extending re-inspection intervals required by regulatory authorities

  • Reducing the need for lifting heavy equipment during re-inspection periods


  • Sized to wrap tightly around pipe with a ¾” to 56” diameter

  • Designed with a pre-cured sleeve

  • Contains three individual layers with architecture appropriate for pipe diameter

  • Installed without disruption to operations

  • Eliminates crevice corrosion

  • Designed with unique “wrap-around” shape

  • Requires no special tools for install

  • Meets regulatory requirements for above-ground atmospheric corrosion evaluation

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