CSNRI Contour is an engineered repair system that employs bi-axial or quad-axial stitched fiberglass cloth applied in a wet-lay system using two-part epoxy and a filler material. It is ideal for repairs involving complicated geometry, including tees, flanges, and varying diameter pipe.

Contour is used globally in plants, refineries, tank farms, terminals and on offshore assets as a pressure-containing repair to seal leaks and as a reinforcing repair to restore the strength of a pipe in the axial and circumferential directions.

This product is available in multiple kit sizes for any diameter pipe and can be installed with minimal disruption to operations. And because it is installed using only hand tools, only a cold work permit is required. Contour has been certified by DNV GL in accordance with the ASME PCC-2 and ISO 24817 standards.


  • Available in multiple kit sizes
  • No hot work required
  • Repairs conform to ISO 24817 and ASME PCC-2 guidelines
  • DNV-GL certified


  • Installs without disrupting operations
  • Minimal creep ensures a long service life
  • NO VOCs
  • No hot work
  • No heavy lifting
  • No heat affected zones
  • No environmental hazards
  • No chance of burn through


  • Plants, refineries, tank farms, terminals and offshore assets
  • Structural reinforcement on straight pipes as well as elbows, tees, and flanges
  • Girth welds on vessels and pipelines
  • Damage prevention to coatings from potential impact and abrasion
  • Installation on top of stopgap measures (plugs, banded patches and clamps) to provide a long-lasting reliable repair
  • Splash zone and fully submerged applications
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